Sunshine and Shadow – The Memoirs of Mary Pickford

August 12, 2008


Sunshine and Shadow - The Memoirs of Mary Pickford

Sunshine and Shadow - The Memoirs of Mary Pickford

Since this is the first entry to what is hoped to be a fun and informative blog, I thought our first trip down memory lane should retrace her steps to become America’s Sweetheart.To that end, instead of giving one’s own opinion of how she blazed her trail, why not simply let her tell it in her own words. Hence, the title, “Sunshine and Shadow”.


What will follow will be a series of excerpts from her book, that will hopefully give you the reader an indication of what it “must have been like” to have been her, to be the world’s first “superstar”, to re-define the art of acting for a new medium and to be known all around the world.

As you read these excerpts from “Sunshine and Shadow”, (Double Day 1955), I highly encourage you to get a copy for your own enjoyment. While these memoirs do not reveal all of Mary’s story, it does whet the appetite for those of us still asking questions.If you are interested, simply point your browser of choice to Google and do a search for used books. I picked mine up from Abe books rather inexpensively. Now, since I have given you the coming attractions, it’s time for the main feature.

Miss Mary Pickford, your stage awaits you.