Mary Pickford is largely forgotten today.  Ironically as media becomes more and more commonplace, I believe Mary would have loved the new and different ways of reaching her fans and therefore her work would be much more appreciated than ever before.  

As a fan, I want to give life to that expression.  Just as her many films are seeing a new audience with new restorations being done, this blog can serve a purpose by letting a new generation read her words and perhaps an understanding of what her life became in the creation of the new media of motion pictures.

Mary Pickford was the world’s first superstar.  That title came with a huge responsibility whose scope no one could comprehend.  Today, when that term is mentioned, the paparazzi come to mind, a mob of cameras and sensationalized journalism.  In Mary’s day, no one had ever experienced being a “superstar” before.  She was the first and as such, the first to live the life that came with it, and of course the first to pay the price of such admiration.  Throughout it all Mary was a survivor.  Despite such tragedies as losing her family one by one and being exiled in her own home in the remaining years of her life, Mary did it her way.

This blog is about giving her a voice in this new media of the web.  You the reader are welcome to leave comments.  If you have questions about Mary, please feel free to email them to: themarypickfordblogATgmail.com (replace the AT with the @ symbol when emailing).



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  1. Rob Mallysh says:

    Mary Pickford was a trail blazer- fitting that the very first Movie Star accomplished so much – a roll model to all-Canadian Super Star,Legend of all Legends.The girl that helped her cousin,s sell hot-dogs at Port Dalhousie {St Catharines} through the summers of the First World War years.One of a kind– the one that started it all.

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